As a franchise opportunity Durawash answers the following investor questions

  • Do I have a professional brand and identity that I market my business with? +

    DURAWASH provides you with a complete professional brand and corporate identity from professional business graphics to business cards, website presence and Presentation templates.
    Key to Professional Branding and well-designed Corporate Identities’ is the overwhelming ability for these tools to create/generate and build customer loyalty for your business. 
    Branding has been the key contributing factor to the establishment and creation of some of the world’s largest companies.
    This is why we designed the DURAWSH FRANCHISE with professional branding and corporate identity

    Why brand your business professionally?

    i. The modern world is abundant with business start-ups and entrepreneurs that have great ideas but cannot take them to market or make them successful.
    ii. Professional branding and corporate identities transformed relatively simple innovations and business ideas into multi-million dollar corporations and products.
    iii. Customers want to do business with an attractively branded company that is professionally set-up
    iv. Professionally designed Brands and Corporate Identities help customers distinguish your products quality and performance against other competitors  
    v. ULTIMATELY professional branding helps generate CUSTOMER LOYALTY to your business.


  • Do I have the correct equipment? +

    Each DURAWSH franchise is equipped with all the necessary equipment needed to provide a full service car wash to his/her client.  

    All our equipment is tried and tested for commercial carwash application

  • Do I have the correct chemicals? +

    All Chemicals supplied in the DURAWASH franchise has full MSDS sheets and specifications

    They have been tested to be Eco-friendly, Bio-degradable and safe for the environment and the surfaces that they are meant to work on.

    Each DURAWASH franchise package is stocked with enough chemicals to wash your first 600 to 800 vehicles and valet your first 60 to 80 vehicles. THAT IS MORE than R60 000 Value which you only pay R34 200 incl vat. For.

  • Am I and/or my staff uniformed? +

    Another key element of a professional business service is that both the owner and staff be professionally uniformed and branded – shows professionalism and leaves a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of your customer – ultimately this builds customer brand loyalty

    Each DURAWASH franchise is stocked with a set of professionally branded (embroidered) uniforms including golf shirts, jackets and caps – uniforms for both summer and winter.

  • Do I have a business stationery set that is professionally branded to represent my business? +

    When presenting your business to a prospective client, professionally branded stationery and other business media (i.e. business cards, brochures, letterheads and PowerPoint templates) are critical to leaving a professional and lasting impression in the minds of your prospective client

    DURAWASH franchisees and given a complete business stationery set including:

    • 1000 business cards with built-in loyalty programme
    • 5000 full colour flyers to market and promote your service offering
    • Professionally designed Letterhead template for all business communication
    • Professionally designed PowerPoint template for all business presentations
    • Other branded office stationery (e.g. pens and note pads)
  • Do I have an email address in the name of my business? +

    Many entrepreneurs under estimate the value of an appropriate email address that is hosted in your company name and brand

    Free email servers (e.g. gmail and ymail) email addresses just cannot have the same effect as an email address that is hosted in your very own company’s name and brand

    Each Durawash franchisee is given and personalised DURAWASH email address to add that extra touch of professionalism to your business (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

  • Do I have online presence? +

    It is common knowledge that people globally search the internet on a daily basis for almost any need, question or interest they may have – hence making a business website a key tool in promoting your business.

    A well designed website with professional graphics and branding creates a lasting impression in any clients mind.

    Each DURAWSH Franchisee is given a webpage on the www.durawash.co.za website giving them an instant online presence.

  • How can I build brand loyalty for my business? +

    No business can survive with only opportunistic business from people who just happen to come across your business offering 

    Successful businesses are those who have earned the loyalty of their customers who bring repeat business to them on a regular basis (i.e. either on a daily, weekly, monthly…etc. basis)

    Each DURAWASH franchisee is given a 1000 business cards that have a built-in loyalty programme – loyalty programme reward business owner and customer. Business owners are rewarded with repeat business for a great service offered while customers are rewarded with discounts or complimentary’ s for repeat business given to the business owner. 

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